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The following are petitions against vivisection

we ask that you sign them and lets bring a ban to vivisection in the United Kingdom



And against University vivisection



Please take two minutes and sign these petitions


vivisection kills is a website and facebook campaign against animal testing inside universities across the uk at the moment but we are looking for volunteers to help as we expand our reach

if you would like to get involved please do contact us via

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/VivisectionKills

Email: Vivisectionkills@yahoo.com

Join with us  and join the fight back

Lets Expose vivisection dirty deeds

Dr Andre Menache of Scientific organisation Antidote Europe:
“These shocking revelations contradict assurances that the Government may give to the public that they are working to replace animals in experiments.”

In view of this sad situation and the fact that university ethical review committees do not contain sufficient public representation,

A parliamentary debate with experts for and against animal research, is well overdue.”


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This site aims to show the amount of academic abuse that goes on across the United Kingdom.
Listed are all the university’s that provided information.

There are currently around 10  universities that refused to give us information and we are working with the Information commissioner to get this information released.

We see that vivisection is cruel unscientific and unneeded.

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